Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

Taya Mâ co-founded and co-directs the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute with Jill Hammer. Kohenet facilitates and trains clergy in transformative Jewish ritual that is embodied, earth-based, feminist, and inspired by traditions of women’s spiritual leadership. 


Makam Shekhina

Makam Shekhina is a community of Hebrew Priestess and Sufi Dervishes praying and playing together in embodied, multi-gender, ecstatic counter-oppressive devotion.  Makam Shekhina is convened by Taya Mâ and Sheikh Ibrahim Baba and now co-led with Sheikh Issa Effendi.


Starr-King School for the Ministry

Taya Mâ is Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice of Organic Multi-Religious Ritual at Starr-King School for the Ministry, a theological school, seminary and member the Graduate Theological Union. She regularly teaches Ritual Craft as Transformative Practice & the MultiReligious Intensive: Amidst the Blessing of the Ancestors.


The Chaplaincy Institute

Taya Mâ is Faculty of Embodied Ministry and Embodied Leadership at The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, CA, where she trains emergent Interfaith Ministers and Spiritual Directors in Ancestral Practices, Ritualcraft and Trauma-Awareness for Spiritual Care Settings.