Taya Mâ’s music is devotional, rhythmic and passionate. Each album is a call to prayer, an invitation to live more fully into your body. Let this music be a guide in your spiritual practice, or carry you on your way to the next big thing. Taya Mâ’s songs are foundational to Kohenet Hebrew Priestess prayer services, and help me connect to a female form of God, to ancient women archetypes, and to myself. A deep bow of gratitude to this great artist, leader, and ritual visionary of our time.
— Rae Abileah, Kohenet & co-creator of The Climate Ribbon

This Bliss

Hebrew goddess chant. Lush world beats. Blessed vocal caress. The root and vision of my priestess dreams. 

Torah Tantrika

Excavating the erotic edges of sacred text.  Birthing blissing sonic healing.

Halleluyah All Night

A sensual shabbat meditation for swooning and communing. Hymns of deep mystic play. Uncover the rhythm of the lover.  Presence to the pulse of god/dess in each other. 

Wild Earth Shebrew

Debut release infuses world rhythms with shamanic sensibilities and ecstatic chant. Traditional and original compositions weave an intimate, archetypal experience touching deep streams of consciousness.