corsets & synchronicity part 3

The claims adjuster is rocking a rose in her hair & funky boots & draws all sorts of beautiful orange lines on my car. I want to dance with her. I decide to leave my car, but wonder how I will get home. Poof! Friends appear from every direction - one car heading to Holy Hill and the other getting tweaked by Geico too. We party on the street. S & D & I vision deep & literal magic for the new year & beyond at Starr-King, D gives me a copy of next week's schedule which I needed, Sofia & I make a date to Afro-Brazilian dance. R swoops me to lunch which we eat under a fresco of the Mother & surrounded by firemen wearing full gear and faint-worthy smiles. There is a message in chalk on the side-walk that says Maple Syrup doesn't freeze at any temperature, try it! We aren't sure if we are at Burning Man or in Berkeley. The day is just beginning. #witchesatgeico #thirdway

Taya Shere