Sex & the Sephirot: A Pleasure Journey Through The Omer
w/ Taya Mâ
April 13 - May 31, 2017
@ Home / Online

The seven weeks between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuot - known as the period of counting the Omer - invite us on an intentional journey from constriction to pleasure, union & revelation. The Omer offers a focused opportunity to bring attention to patterns we desire to transform.

In Sex and the Sephirot, we’ll engage the Omer toward experiencing greater erotic presence, deepening our commitment to sex that is nourishing and healthful for us, and embracing ritual practices of self-pleasure - or pleasure with partners - amidst the support and container of sex-positive community and joyfull accountability.

This offering is for you if: You have a pattern around self-pleasure or sex with partners that you want to transform. You feel excited - and perhaps a little nervous - about being held in a lovingly tended group container to additionally integrate the sacred into your erotic life. You desire to claim pleasure as prayer.

We’ll work with the sephirot through an embodied pelvic mapping of the kabbalistic tree of life created specifically for this course.

This seven week journey includes weekly audio messages, four video calls (Thursdays April 13, April 27, May 11 & 25 from 5 - 6 pm PT / 8 - 9 pm ET) weekly chevrutah / paired check-ins and generous accountability support by e-mail or text from Taya Mâ

While we'll do some female genital mapping, and the course is open to and designed for people of all gender expressions. Our frame is Jewishly rooted, and this course is open across faith practices - no background in Judaism or kabbalah necessary. The course requires a clearly stated commitment to confidentiality, in support of the depth and vulnerability of our work.

Course registration is $180, payable via paypal to To begin preparations before our first session, please register by April 6 and, along with your paypal registration, email with 1-2 paragraphs about what you most desire from this course. If you are new to working with Taya Mâ, an additional paragraph about you and your path.